The Alachua Consort
The Alachua Consort

The Alachua Consort is a group of musicians
from North Central Florida that specializes in
chamber music of the Baroque era.  The
ensemble was founded in 1992.  Since then the
consort has performed regularly in the
Gainesville area, often joined by local guest
artists. For more information regarding
performances and services, visit
John Netardus, oboist, has been a member of the musical life of Gainesville since 1979.  
He has performed with the Central Florida Symphony and Gainesville Chamber Orchestra,
and is a founding member of the Alachua Consort and improvisational quartet
Amusica. He
can be heard performing regularly with fellow musicians locally and is active, both vocally and
instrumentally, in local church music programs.  A graduate of the University of Florida, John
has studied with Mark Ostoich, Patricia Stenberg and Joyce Sidorfsky.
Dr Miriam Zach,musicologist, is Assistant Professor of Music in the Honors Program at the
University of Florida, where she teaches Music history, and Music and Health courses, is Director of the
Margaret Zach International Women Composers Library  and international festivals.  She was
named International Woman of the Year (1992 & 1997) by the International Biographical Centre in
Cambridge, England for her distinguished service to music.  Her CD
Hidden Treasures:  300 Years of
Organ Music by Women Composers
(1998) was recorded in Princeton University Chapel.  After
completing degrees at Northwestern University and the University of Chicago, she lived in Germany for
five years teaching piano at the Universitat Bielefeld, singing in Kantorei St. Nicolai in Lemgo, and
touring Europe with her husband, Dr Mikesch Muecke, Associate Professor of Architecture, Iowa State
University.  Their co-edited book
Resonance: Essays of the intersection of Music and Architecture
(2007) and her book
For the Birds: Women Composers' Music History Speller (2006) are available at
Annemieke Pronker-Coron, violinist, studied at the Amsterdam Sweelinck Conservatory
in her native country Holland, where her teachers included Jaap Schroder and Jan Henrichs.  
She also studied music therapy in London, England.  A former member of the Gainesville
Chamber Orchestra, Annemieke is an active promoter of music in the community.  She helped
to inaugurate the annual
Sawgrass Fiddle Contest and taught  string programs in local
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